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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hit The Spot

Idiom: Hit the Spot
Example: Mike and Alex are eating at a restaurant after class
Alex: Wow! You ate that sandwich pretty quickly!
Mike: Dude, I was so hungry. I was running late today so I had to skip breakfast.
Alex: I see. Did the sandwich hit the spot?
Mike: Yeah! It definitely hit the spot!!
Meaning of 'hit the spot': to be exactly what is needed or wanted (if the food hits the spot, it makes you feel satisfied). 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Go For It

To Go For It

Chad and Todd are standing in front of their workplace, drinking coffee.
Chad: I got a job offer yesterday.
Todd: You mean - you’re leaving us?
Chad: Well, I’ve been working for this company for 6 years. I love you guys, but I think I need to move on. I’m just a little nervous.
Todd: Tell me about the new position.
Chad: It’s a management position. But the salary is a little lower than what I make now. On the other hand, the benefits are great and I have one month off every year.
Todd: Sounds like a good deal. You should go for it!
Chad:  I think I will. Will you visit me in Alaska?

Meaning: To go for it – an expression which is used to encourage someone to do something.
This idiom was taken from LSI’s book, SPEAKING SAVVY. For more information, please visit