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Friday, April 27, 2012

Over the hill

Iain: “Hi, Ligia! Happy birthday!”
Ligia: “Thank you, Iain! I am so happy it’s my birthday!”
Iain: “You are turning 30, right?”
Ligia: “ I am actually turning  37… Pretty soon I’ll be over the hill.”
Iain: “Ligia… you are still young! You’ll not be over the hill anytime soon!!”
Ligia: “You are right! I’ll say I’m over the hill when I turn 85! Haha.”
Iain: “That’s better! Enjoy your birthday!”

Meaning: Over the hill means to be too old!

Happy Birthday Ligia!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To let (someone) down

To let (someone) down: to disappoint, to not complete an expectation

Jamie: Sorry I’m late, Mr. Tosca. 
Mr. Tosca: You told me your presentation would ready two hours ago.  Our new clients are very angry.
Jamie: Don’t worry, Mr. Tosca. I’ll explain everything to them.
Mr. Tosca: No, you won’t. They left 45 minutes ago!  You really let me down.

“Let down” is also used as a countable noun to mean “disappointment.”

Jake: Did you like the movie?
Linda: No, it was ­a let down.

“Let down” is a common phrase in popular culture. Search for the Beatles’ song “Don’t Let Me Down.”

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