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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As quiet as a mouse

Example 1:

Mom: Shhhh! The baby just fell asleep. It took my so long to put her to bed.
Dad: OK. So I guess I shouldn’t watch the football game in the next room?
Mom: Don’t even think about it! I need you to be as quiet as a mouse.

Example 2:

Sharlene is a brand new student in my class. She’s in our advanced class, but I can’t tell if she speaks English very well; she’s as quiet as a mouse and almost never answers when the teacher calls on her.


To be as quiet as a mouse means to be extremely quiet. In Example 1, Mom tells Dad that he must be extremely quiet because the baby has just fallen asleep. In Example 2, Sharlene is a very quiet and shy student. 

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