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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

To show someone the ropes

Example 1- John is starting a new job at Burger Town
Manager: Hello, John. Welcome to Burger Town! We are excited to have you on our team.
John: I'm excited to be here. I'm a little nervous for my first day, but I will do my best.
Manager: Don't worry! We've arranged training for today. Your supervisor will help you. She will show you the ropes before you have to help any customers.
John: Great! Looking forward to getting started.

Example 2- New international student at LSI
Longtime student: Hi there! My name is Jack. You must be new! Nice to meet you!
New student: Hi, yes. I'm new. Nice to meet you, too.
Longtime student: You seem a little lost. Are you OK?
New Student: Not really. Everything is really confusing.
Longtime student: Don't worry! I can show you the ropes. It's pretty easy once you know where everything is. Let's have lunch together.

To show someone the ropes is to teach someone a task, or to show someone how a place functions. In example 1, John's supervisor will show him the ropes. She will teach him to do his tasks. In example 2, the new student's classmate will show him around the campus; he will show him the ropes so he can know how to function in that place.

(Often used with can and will)  subject/subject pronoun can/will show + object pronoun + the ropes → George can show you the ropes.