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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Off the grid

Example 1:

Jason: I think the most logical thing we could do is keep a low profile and stay off the grid.

James: That’s not my style Jason.  I know some people like to do that, but I need to be social.

Jason: I’m not saying that’s fun, but just to get away from things for some time.

James: Getting off the grid means my social life would be dead.  I’m sorry, but I need massive

human interaction.

Example 2:

Griz: I was thinking of a vacation to the Andes of South America.

Leslie: Would we be off the grid?

Griz:  That’s the idea.

Leslie:  Good luck with that.  I’m not giving up my comforts and friends to go climb some

mountains.  I don’t like camping.

Ted:  You should really reconsider.  I think it would be good to get away from all this technology

and from people in general.

Leslie:  You should do it.  That way you can be alone in the mountains and I can be alone at

home.  Yay!  It works for the both of us.  Have fun!

Meaning: to be away from anything relating to media, television, radio, electricity, etc.  To

get off the grid means to be in a remote outdoor place with no access to any services most

people depend on.  Some people who don’t depend on electric companies, grow their own food,

don’t use motorized vehicles that run on petroleum can be considered off the grid.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Example 1:

Johnny: Hey Daniel, are you really going to compete in a doubleheader? Isn’t your leg hurt?

Daniel: Don’t worry Johnny, I know one competition right after the other might sound crazy, but I can handle it.

Johnny: What if someone sweeps your leg or something?

Daniel: It wouldn’t be the first time.  Besides, if I can win both competitions in one day, I’ll get even more famous.

Example 2:

Bill: We should totally give a presentation on History.

Ted: No way dude! How about a presentation on time travel?

Bill:  Dude, you thinking what I’m thinking?

Bill & Ted:  Presentation Doubleheader!  Excellent!

Ted:  But Bill, wouldn’t that take a lot of work.  I mean one presentation after the other sounds 

difficult.  A doubleheader will need lots of presenters.  Maybe we can dress people up in costumes.

Bill:  That’s awesome.  And I can have my stepmom and little brother can help us prepare.  

Meaning: Two events, presentations, movies, etc. happening one after the other.  Usually there’s a short time between both events, but they are both happening the same day.

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