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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


1. Chill (adjective) – great, awesome, cool, good, okay, fun, fine, okay

Sarah: Are you sure that you are chill driving all of us to the party? It is really far away.
Peter: Don’t worry about me, I’m chill.
Explanation: Peter is OK driving even though the party is far away.

Debbie: My brother’s new car is way chill.
Danny: Well, if you save up enough money, you can get a cool car too!
Explanation: Debbie’s brother’s car is awesome looking. 


Jose: How was the concert last night?
Jackie: It was chill.
Explanation: The concert was fine.

2. Chill or Chillax (verb): To calm down, to reduce harmful activity, to hang out or relax

Bart: Oh, no! I forgot to call my girlfriend last night!
John: Dude, just chill. I’m sure she is fine.
Explanation: Bart needs to calm down and stop worrying about not calling his girlfriend.

Kelly: I can’t find my wallet. What am I going to do? Maybe someone stole it?
Ken: Chillax, Dude! I’m sure it is in the apartment somewhere and no one has been in here for hours. We’ll find it.
Explanation: Kelly needs to calm down and not assume the wallet has been stolen.

Dana: What should we do tonight?
Terry: Why don’t we just chill at your house?
Explanation: Terry suggests that they hang out at Dana’s house for the night.

Cindy: Did you see how much Joe drank at the party? He was so drunk!
Sid: Yes! He needs to chill on the alcohol.Explanation: Joe needs to stop drinking so much alcohol.

In the song, "Delicate," Taylor Swift asks, "Is it chill that you're in my head?" Listen here!