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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rug Rat

Idiom: Rug rat – a small child


Context #1 – Kindergarten

Barry: My group of rug rats has too much energy today.
Donnie: Perhaps they had too much sugar to eat this morning.  Maybe give them a couple of extra minutes of recess to burn the energy out.
Barry: That’s not a bad idea.
Donnie: Yeah, otherwise the rug rats will tire your patience out.

Context #2 – Two friends talking about their new kids

Henry: My new baby cries all night.
Marie: Yeah, they’ll do that. They just need mom and dad’s attention to feel comfortable. 
Henry: I’m sure that in five months, these little rug rats will have different needs. Marie: Yeah, rug rats always need something new.

Meaning: “Rug rats” means a child.  People have rugs at home and as children begin to crawl, they resemble a small animal crawling on the rug. It’s just a “cute” slang name to describe a small child.