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Thursday, February 26, 2015

To be a cheapskate

Idiom: To be a cheapskate

Marc: OMG! Eric is such a cheapskate! He brought a tiny bag of candies for Peter’s kids on their birthday!
Anne: Really? I can’t believe it. I know he likes to save money, but they are his nephews!
Marc: Not only that, Peter always makes really nice gifts on his birthday! Remember last year’s?
Anne: Oh yeah, Peter got him an iPad Air 2!!

The expression “to be a cheapskate” means to be unwilling to give or spend money, to be miserly or stingy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Personality Conflict

Idiom: Personality Conflict

Tom: Have you seen Kevin and Peter these days? They are constantly arguing!
Kelsey: I know! They used to get along so well. Do you think they are stressed out with the new project?
Tom: I don’t know... I think it is more like a personality conflict. Kevin always submits the reports by the deadline, whereas Peter is always late.
Kelsey: Oh, I see.

Meaning: The expression “personality conflict” means a disagreement or opposing ideas that lead to verbal or physical fighting in a variety of situations. A conflict is created when what one person wants differs from what another wants. In the example above, one of the coworkers didn’t feel like submitting the report by the deadline, and that created a conflict both with the other coworker and with the boss.