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Thursday, May 18, 2017

From time to time

Context #1

 Do you like watching action movies?  I think they’re the best.

 Sure, from time to time. 

 Like how often?

Leo: maybe once every three or four days.  Not too often.

Context #2

Bob: From time to time I remember when we first met. 

Shannon: That’s so sweet of you to say.  I didn’t think you thought about that at all.

Bob: Yes, occasionally I’ll have a memory that brings me back to the moment I ran into you while crossing the street with your friend.

Shannon: Well, from time to time I remember when you asked me out ten minutes later after we crossed the street.

Bob: I guess we both like thinking about the beginning of our relationship.

Meaning: Irregularly; now and then; occasionally; sometimes; not predictably.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Be second to none

Context #1

 Today was such a good soccer game. I didn’t think I would score so many goals.

Duh, everyone knows you’re second to none. You’re the best player in the league. 

 I didn’t really think about it that way. I’m glad people can see how hard I train.

Jay: Bro, you’re the best. Like I said, you’re second to none

Context #2

Dwayne: This restaurant is so delicious. It’s not even that expensive. 

Alexis: Yes! This place is second to none, even though it’s a small local joint.

Dwayne: I guess people never think small community restaurants like these can be world class.

Alexis: Well, most restaurants start somewhere right? 

Dwayne: Yeah. And your knowledge of finding good restaurants like these is definitely second to none.

Meaning: Second to none means literally: there is no one to whom this person would be second. Example: It is the best. It can be applied to objects, too.

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