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Thursday, August 18, 2016

To catch some rays

Context #1:

Gina: Hi, Will! It looks like you caught some rays on the weekend.

Will: I sure did! My friend and I went to Huntington Beach on Saturday. We played in an all-day beach volleyball tournament!

Context #2

Linda: Joan, where were you?

Joan: Oh, it is such a nice day. I went out to catch some rays.

Linda: I see that. Did you fall asleep?

Joan: Yes. It was so warm and comfortable.

Linda: And were you reading?

Joan: Yes! How did you know?

Linda: It looks like an open book fell on your face; the bottom half of your face is pale and the top half is tanned. 

Joan: Oh, no!

Meaning: To be in the sunshine. In this case "catch" means receive and "rays" means the sun's energy. If you "catch some rays," then, you are outside on a sunny day. For most North Americans, "catching some rays" is a positive, healthy experience. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

To take a rain​ ​check

Context #1: 

Arias and Varysun are talking on the phone.
Arias: Hey Varysun! Can you remind me what time we are going to watch the movie Change of Thrones?
Varysun: Actually, I'm feeling a little sick today.
Arias: Oh, no! What happened?
Varysun: I don't know for sure​,​ but my stomach has been hurting and I've been in bed all day.
Arias: That sounds terrible! Is there anything I can get you?
Varysun: No, thank you, I've just been drinking a lot of 
​water​ and resting.
Arias: I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. 
Varysun: Do you think we could take a rain check on going to the movies?
Arias: Yes! Of course. Once you feel better we can pick another date and time to watch Change of Thrones.
Varysun: Thank you for being so understanding!
Arias: No worries at all, my friend! Feel better and get well soon.
Varysun: Okay, bye now.
Arias: Bye!

Context #2:

Branishk and Ramsayon are cousins who are hanging out at The Rose Garden.

Branishk: I thought you and Sansara were going to Santa Barbara this weekend, no?
Ramsayon: We were but she said she needed to take a rain check.
Branishk: Really? Why? What happened?
Ramsayon: Well, her sister had to have an emergency surgery​,​ so she decided to help​ her this weekend.
Branishk: That's really nice of her. Were you able to get a refund from the hotel?
Ramsayon: We were going to stay at my friend's place, so​ we didn't loose any money. 
Branishk: That's good!

Meaning: To reschedule plans for later