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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Take (something) in Stride

Take (something) in stride - To deal with something bad without much effort; to deal with (something difficult) in a calm way.

Two students are talking about the TOEFL class
Jay: Hi, Cheri! How did you do on yesterday's practice TOEFL test?
Cheri: Actually, I really messed up. I didn't even finish it, so I got a super low score.
Jay: Sorry to hear that. Don't you need to get a high score in just a few weeks?
Cheri: Yes, I do.
Jay: You don't seem very upset about your low score.
Cheri: No, I'm trying to take it in stride and just remain calm about it. If I freak out, it won't help me.
Jay: Taking it in stride is a good idea. If you want, I can help you study for the next TOEFL test. I got a high score yesterday, and I have the time.

Two friends are talking about another friend
Jack: Did you hear that Janet broke up with Bob and started dating his brother?
Jan: Really? Bob loves her so much. He must be so unhappy!
Jack: Actually, he is just taking it in stride. I saw him at the gym the other day, and he was playing basketball with his friends. He looked happy.
Jan: That's nice. I'm glad he is just moving on.