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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Travel Light

Example 1:
I'm going home for the holidays this year. I am so excited to see my family after 6 months of being here in America studying English. My classmate gave me good advice for my trip. She advised Itravel light. She explained that if I take just a small amount of luggage, I can save money on the flight fee and also have a lot of space to bring back my favorite things from my country! This is such a good idea because there are so many things I want to bring back to America with me, so if I travel light, I'll have space in my luggage to bring it back with me!

Example 2:
John: Mike, are you ready for our camping trip?
Mike: I sure am! I've got the tent, the sleeping bag, the portable TV, the portable DVD player, the generator...
John: Mike! Have you ever been camping before? We won't need a TV or a DVD player! We'll be enjoying nature. And besides, it's always best to travel light when camping. We'll have to hike up to the campsite from the car. We can't carry so much!
Mike: Oh, I see. OK. I guess I have to go home and repack my things....

To travel light means to pack only a little luggage for a trip. 
In Example 1, the student will travel light in order to leave space to bring back souvenirs.
In Example 2, John tells Mike that it's important to travel light when camping because they will be hiking.