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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

To stunt

Example 1:
Phillip: I don't mean to stunt, but I just got off my private jet from my awesome vacation in Italy and I'm so tired. What did you do this weekend?
Jack: Wow, Phillip. You don't wanna stunt, but you're totally stunting. I didn't do anything special. Watched a couple of shows on Netflix and did some laundry...

Example 2:

My neighbor just won the lottery. At first, he didn't really let the money affect his behavior or his lifestyle, but now I see him stunting his wealth. For instance, he's got a new Rolls Royce. He was driving it down the street with the music blaring to make sure the whole neighborhood saw him. Next, he landed a helicopter in the local park! It scared the children and I think someone called the police!


To stunt means to show off or brag about one's wealth. In example 1, Phillip is talking about a private jet but claims he's not trying to show off. Of course his friend Jack knows he's showing off because private jets are not common. In example 2, the speaker talks about his neighbor showing off his wealth with his new car and the helicopter incident. Rolls Royces and helicopters are not common and are symbols of wealth.