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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Context #1

Carl: You owe me $80 for the Lakers ticket I got you.

Tony: Oh yeah.  But I don't have any dough on me now.  Let's go by the bank ATM machine and I'll get that money I own you. 

Context #2

Bethany:  I heard the restaurant you work at was super busy last night.  Did you get a lot of good tips?

Chrissy: Yeah, I worked so hard, but I didn't mind because I need the extra dough.

Meaning: "dough" is an American slang expression used for "money."

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Deep Pockets

Context #1

Tom: Did you hear about the new class action law suit against the Paypal?
Chris: Yeah, but big companies like that don't care.  
Tom: You're right. They have such deep pockets that they can just pay people and move on.

Context #2

Jennifer: I heard that Sarah's company is sending all the employees on a free cruise to Hawaii.
Kathy: Yeah I know!  But don't worry.  Her company has really deep pockets. They can afford it!

Meaning: to have deep pockets is an idiom used mainly for a company or corporation. It means that they have massive, almost limitless, financial resources.