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Thursday, June 22, 2017

To be under fire

Idiom: to be under fire; used as a verb

First Example:

Jen: What's going on in the office? It seems like everyone is being really secretive.
Tom: I heard that Hank Silva is under fire for lying to clients.       
Jen: What?!
Tom: I don't know all the info, but a number of clients have complained that they were promised more than they received. Some of the clients and even other employees are demanding he be fired, but management is doing an internal investigation.

Meaning: The expression "the be under fire" means that a person is being criticized. In the above example, Tom says that Hank is "under fire" because he's being criticized by clients and other employees. The expression comes from warfare, where "under fire" means that a person is under attack. However, the expression is now also used when someone is just being attacked verbally with criticism. The word "come" is also often used with "under fire" when discussing a situation when someone has recently "come under fire," as in the next example.

Second Example:

The politician recently came under fire after she made a controversial statement about immigration. Party officials attacked her for her statement, and many voters in her district are demanding an apology.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10 Uses of "Hot"

In honor of the weather in Los Angeles this week, here are ten different ways Americans use the word "hot."

1. at a very high temperature; capable of burning

Wife: Be careful near the stove! It's hot. I just cooked something.
Husband: Thanks for the warning! I wouldn't want to burn myself.

2. at a temperature higher than normal

Mom: Your forehead is so hot!
Son: Does that mean I don't have to go to school?
Mom: With a fever like that, you have to go back to bed.

3. spicy

Mina: I love Thai food. I'm going to order "drunken noodles" very hot.
Tim: I can't eat anything too spicy. Can we order it medium?

4. intense emotion

Robert: Wow! Did you see Tina yell at that guy in the parking lot?
Michelle: Yeah! I didn't realize she had such a hot temper.

5. popular

Ingrid: Did you get Beyoncé tickets?
Todd: I couldn't. She's so hot right now, they sold out instantly.

6. causing a lot of new interest

George: How was Coachella?
Kimberly: It was amazing. And I saw the hottest band early Saturday afternoon. Everyone was talking about their performance the rest of the day. I think they're going to be huge in a couple years.

7. stolen

Jason: So Steve just called me from jail. He got arrested.
Karen: Really? What happened?
Jason: He was with a friend who was driving a hot car.
Karen: Did Steve know it was stolen?
Jason: I don't think so. Want to go with me to bail him out of jail?

8. attractive

Karla: Your trainer is so hot! He's gorgeous!
Hailey: Why do you think I've been coming to the gym so much lately?

9. attracted to

Hailey: Remember my trainer?
Karla: The gorgeous one? How could I forget?
Hailey: Turns out, he's hot for me too. We're going on a date tonight.
Karla: I'm so jealous! Have fun!

10. very good (often used with "not" in a negative way)

Nicole: How are you feeling?
Eric: Not so hot. I think I'm going to take today off work and go to the doctor.

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