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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life’s a beach

Idiom: Life’s a beach
Example 1: 

Mikey: My friends think I’m having a difficult time because of my new job, but to be honest, life’s a beach right now.

Rafael: Life’s always a beach with you.  You’re probably the only person I know who always has a good time.

Example 2:
Paco: I’ve always dreamt of having a house with a great view.  I would wake up every morning and think life’s a beach.

Emil: You and everyone else. Now put that lottery ticket away and stop day dreaming.  I’m a simple person. If I could only have a drink at work, then life would be a beach.
Paco: That’s kind of true. We should become bartenders. We could do it then.

Emil: I take that back. Life’s a beach when you’re not annoying me during work time.
Meaning: "Life’s a beach" is an expression used to describe when things are fantastic. People usually say it when they want to express an ideal or blissful situation.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Beach Bum

Idiom: A Beach Bum

Example 1:
Chip: Dude, you never go to school. What do you do all day? 
Dale: It’s the summer bro. We’re next to the sand and sea. What’s better than being a beach bum this time of the year? As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than being a beach bum.

Example 2:
Simon: Sometimes I wish I could escape my work and just be a beach bum.
Sarah: Everyone thinks that way, but if you were a beach bum you wouldn’t get many things done.
Simon: That’s the point.
Meaning: "A beach bum" (noun) is someone who spends too much time at the beach. This expression is often used when referring to someone who only wants to be at the beach and be unproductive. It could be both negative and positive.