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Thursday, August 13, 2015

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies

Idiom: With friends like this, who needs enemies

Example 1:

Kirk: I'm so mad at Daniel right now.

Maria: Your friend Daniel?

Kirk: Yeah. We're taking the same English class, and I didn't finish my essay because we were out this weekend.

Maria: So why are you mad at Daniel?

Kirk: Well, I told the instructor I was sick this weekend, and asked for an extension, which he said yes to. But then when he went to collect the paper from Daniel, Daniel said he didn't have it because he and I were out partying all weekend.

Maria: He said your name?

Kirk: Yeah. So the instructor called me up and said I couldn't turn it in late after lying to him, all because Daniel ratted me out.

Maria: With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Example 2:

Jennifer was interested in dating Tom, a new guy in her class. Tom was cute, intelligent, funny - everything she could want in a boyfriend. She told her roommate, Stella, all about Tom, asking for advice in what she should do to get his attention. The next day, Jennifer saw Stella talking to Tom outside of her class. When Jennifer asked Stella about it, Stella told her that she and Tom were going out on a date this weekend! With friends like Stella, who needs enemies?

Meaning: Used to describe a bad friend, or a friend who betrays the speaker. Used when comparing a friend's actions to something an enemy might do. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Strike Up a Friendship

Idiom: Strike up a friendship

Example 1:

Daniel: Is that your Star Wars bag?

John: Yeah, why? 

Daniel: I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan! 

John: Awesome! Who is your favorite character? Mine is Darth Vader.

Daniel: ME TOO! Oh man, did we just strike up a friendship right now?

John: I think so, haha.

Example 2:

Adrian: I want a girlfriend.

Miran: Then go out and get one!

Adrian: It’s harder than you think! Work keeps me so busy that I can’t even strike up a friendship, let alone get a girlfriend!

Meaning: to start a new friendship