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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A day at the beach

Idiom: A day at the beach
Ron and Lisa are both students in the same class in university. It's nearing the end of the term and Ron is stressed about his finals...

Ron: I've been doing research for two days now, and I don't feel any closer to writing my final essay. I wish our professor would just give us a multiple choice exam. That would be far easier for me.

Lisa: No way! I never do well on multiple choice tests; but, for me, writing an essay is like a day at the beach.

Meaning: A day at the beach is a non-stressful, relaxing day - an easy day. When someone uses the idiom a day at the beach, it means the project, task, or event will be easy or non-challenging.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To bring sand to the beach

Idiom: To bring sand to the beach
Sandra and Jane are discussing a friend's up-coming birthday...

Sandra: I don't know what to get Julia - and her birthday party is this weekend!

Jane: I know she likes bracelets. She certainly has a lot of them.

Sandra: No kidding! She has so many that if I give her another, it'll be like bringing sand to the beach!

Meaning: Because there is so much sand at the beach, there is no point or purpose in bringing sand. When to bring sand to the beach is used, it means the action a speaker suggested or choice a speaker has made (in the above example, buying yet another bracelet for a person who has many) is without purpose or good reason.