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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To Dig In

Idiom: To dig in

Context #1:
Tony: Hey guys!  The pizza is ready, so dig in!
Joe: Should we wait for John?
Tony: No, he called and said he's not coming.

Context #2:
Bethany: I know your food hasn't come yet, but I am so hungry. Can I go ahead and start eating?
Chrissy: Yeah, don't worry about. Dig in!

Meaning: "To dig in" is a phrased that is used to tell someone to go ahead and start eating. Usually it is used in a situation where someone is politely waiting to eat. This idiom means, "You don't have to wait. Go ahead and start eating."

Eat responsively!

To Be Stuffed

Idiom: To be stuffed

Context #1:
John: Man, that buffet was amazing!  I think I had like 5 plates full of food.
Steve: Me too. I am stuffed!

Context #2:
Susie: I don't think I can finish this hamburger.  It's huge!
Jill: Yeah, I actually finished one before. I was so stuffed!

Meaning: "To be stuffed" is a very common idiom in American English. It means "to be really full," and it usually means that you are so full you feel uncomfortable. When people say they are "stuffed" it usually means that they ate too much.

Eat responsively!