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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A class clown

Idiom: A class clown

Context #1:
Jill: Have you met John, the new student from Texas?
Cathy: Yeah, he is so funny.  His first day in class he was doing an impression of President Obama and everyone was laughing so hard.
Jill: I heard about that.  I guess he has become the official class clown.

Context #2:
Tom: Man! That accounting class is so boring.
Chris: Yeah, I know.  Everyone is so serious.
Tom: We need to get a new student who can be the class clown.
Chris: Definitely!

Meaning: "class clown" is a term used to describe the student in a class who is really funny and makes people laugh.  The class clown is usually joking around and doing silly things just because that is his/her personality.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

(To be) a geek

Idiom: (To be) a geek

Context #1:
Jim: What are you doing this weekend?  
Carl: Well, I think I'm going to study and work on my remote control airplane.
Jim: Really? You are such a geek!
Carl: Yeah, I know. Everybody says that.

Context #2:
Sally: Did you know that Peter has a huge collection of Star Wars and Batman toys? The guy is like 40 years old.
Grace: I know. Peter is a real geek! His whole bedroom is filled with Star Wars stuff.

Meaning: "A geek" is used to describe someone whose life interests and hobbies are strangely centered around things like science fiction movies, computer games, math, the sciences, engineering, etc. 
This term is derogatory and is used to tease people or to make fun of them.