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Thursday, January 14, 2016

To go bananas

Idiom: To go bananas
Meaning: (1) to go or act a little crazy; (2) to become very angry or lose control of your temper.

Context #1 – A man is complaining that his best friend painted a mural on his backyard wall without asking him.

 George: Hey Ted, you didn’t have to go bananas on me just because I drew a mural on your backyard wall.
Ted: George, your little art work cost me two thousand dollars.  I think I can go a little bananas.
 George: But it was a picture of you and me together.  You’re my best friend. 
Ted: The only one that went bananas here is you.  It’s easier to print a picture or poster out.  You went to buy paint and spent hours working on that.

Context #2 –

Dominic: I may have gone bananas this past weekend.
Brian: Why do you say that?  It’s not unusual for you to do crazy things.
Dominic: I spend forty thousand dollars on getting parts for my car.
Brian: Wow!  I may go bananas just from hearing what you did.

Meaning: To go bananas means to go a little crazy/wild or to lose one’s temper.  It’s not always a negative meaning.  It could be used as an expression of exaggeration.  For example, in context 2 Dominic and Brian aren’t having a negative conversation, they’re just both surprised at the actions taken by Dominic.  In context #1, George expresses to Ted that he didn’t have to become too upset about his gift, while Ted explains to George that his actions were, in his opinion, crazy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To Blow a Fuse


Context #1 – Two people are discussing about a broken

Bodhi: Hey bro, why didn’t you tell me that you borrowed my surf board?
Johnny: Dude, because I knew you would blow a fuse.
Bodhi: Really? I’ve never treated you bad man. 
Johnny: Yeah, but last time Tyler dropped your board you really blew a fuse.
Bodhi: That’s because she had lost my board previously.  I didn’t want her touching my property anymore.

Context #2 – Leroy is trying to explain to his younger brother why he should remain calm in all situations

Leroy: Richie, it is important that you don’t blow a fuse so easily and contain yourself.
Richie: Those guys threw me into the trash can after bullying me.  How can I not blow a fuse?
Leroy: You should spend some time meditating to help you relax.  That was an isolated incident.
Richie: Oh really?  I just saw those same guys bothering your girlfriend at her job.
Leroy: What did you say?
Richie:  Whoa, whoa! Relax, don’t blow a fuse

Meaning: to blow a fuse means to get very angry or to lose one’s temper to the point you lose control.  In the first situation, Johnny was worried that Bodhi would be very upset if he told him he used his surfboard.  Johnny didn’t want Bodhy losing his temper because he noticed a similar situation in the past where Bodhi did blow a fuse.  In the second situation, Leroy was trying to convince his brother Richie not to become upset so easily.  However, upon hearing that Leroy’s girlfriend was also bullied, Richie reminded Leroy of his own advice; not to blow a fuse.