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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

To Have A Green Thumb

To Have A Green Thumb: To have a special ability to make plants grow well or to be skilled at gardening.

#1 - A friend visiting your home.
Cindy: Wow, look at the roses on the dining table. They're so beautiful! Where did you get them?
Doris: Oh, thanks! Fred grows them in our backyard. Aren't they gorgeous?
Cindy: Yes, he must have a green thumb!

#2 - Visiting Grandma.
Jennifer: Hi Grandma, how did you make your garden look so nice? It's full of colorful flowers and lush green grass.
Grandma: Thanks darling, I just love spending time in nature. I put in quite a bit of work here on my free time.
Jennifer: What is the secret in creating such a beautiful garden, Grandma?
Grandma: Well, I guess it's my green thumb!

#3 - Talking to a roommate.
Kelly: Hey Pat, would you please water my cactus plant once a week when I'm away on vacation?
Pat: Sure Kelly, but I got to warn you, I do not have a green thumb...
Kelly: I think it'll be just fine. The cactus doesn't need special attention anyway. Don't worry about it!

To Have A Green Thumb:
This idom can be used to describe one's self or another person with a talent to make plants grow. Example #1, after Doris told Cindy that Fred was the one who took care of the roses, Cindy realized that Fred was good at growing flowers. #2, Jennifer asked her grandmother how she made her garden look so beautiful. Grandma's response was that she has a special ability to grow plants in the garden. #3 Kelly's roommate was not confident in her ability to keep the plant alive when her friend goes on vacation. Kelly reassures Pat that it'll be ok even if she doesn't have special talents for growing plants.