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Thursday, January 2, 2014

To Ring in the New Year

To Ring in the New Year:  to celebrate the beginning of the new year at midnight on December 31. 
Example 1
Nina: I am so excited for tonight! I’ve always wanted to ring in the new year from Times Square in New York City!
Vince: I know, but it’s going to be cold. Do you have a warm coat?
Nina: Yes, I am completely prepared. I have a warm coat and gloves, plus thick boots.
Vince: Well, there will be a lot of other people ringing in the new year with us, so be prepared to stand up for a long time!

Example 2
Bob: We are planning a big party to ring in the new year. Would you like to come?

Ken: Sure! When is it?

Bob: Well, we are ringing in the new year, so of course it’s on New Year’s eve.

Ken: Oh, sorry. I have to work that night.

Bob:  Really? That’s too bad! Why don’t you come over after work?

Ken: OK. I finish work at about 10:30 PM. Can I come over after that?

Bob: That’s perfect! You can ring in the new year with us at midnight!

Explanation: To ring in the new year means to celebrate the new year at midnight on December 31st. In both example dialogues above, people are planning different ways to ring in the new year. In the first, they are going to Times Square in New York, a famous place where crowds gather at midnight on December 31st to ring in the new year. In the second dialogue, Bob is inviting his friend to a New Year’s party. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Turn Over a New Leaf

To Turn Over a New Leaf -  To make a fresh new start to begin again; to reform and begin again; to start behaving in a better way

Example 1
Nina: I am so out of shape! When I was walking up the stairs to class this morning, I could barely make it. I was so tired that I just wanted to sit down. I’m only 26, so I don’t think that should be happening to me.

Vince: It sounds like you need to turn over a new leaf and start exercising more! Why don’t you sign up at a new gym and start working out?
Nina: Do you really think I need to do that much and actually go to a gym?
Vince: Well, yes. It will motivate you to work out every day if you are paying for it.
Nina: I guess you’re right. I definitely need to turn over a new leaf and start exercising. Maybe I’ll sign up at that new gym down the street.
Vince: Yes, it’s a pretty good gym, but it’s really expensive! You should try to look for some other gyms to see if you can get something cheaper. They should have some good deals now at the beginning of the year. This is the time when everyone wants to turn over a new leaf.

Nina: Good idea!

Example 2
Bob: I cannot believe how much Bill has changed since he got out of rehab! He is like a new person.

Ken: Yes, he has really turned over a new leaf. I’m so glad that he finally decided to accept the fact that he is an alcoholic and then found treatment.

Bob: I know. He tried to hide it for so long, but everyone could see that he was out of control. He was drunk almost every day!

Ken: I just hope he stays sober and doesn’t drink again.

Bob:  I think he will be OK. Once he turns over a new leaf, everyone will support him.

Ken: I agree.

Explanation: When it’s the new year or even the start of something new, it’s time to make a fresh start, to do something different, and to turn over a new leaf! In this case,  “leaf” means a page—a fresh, clean page or to turn the page and start a new chapter of your life. It can also mean to start behaving in a better way.  In the first example,  Nina is still young, but really out of shape, so she decides to start exercising to get in better shape. In the second example, Bill is an alcoholic, so he needs to make a fresh start and start behaving in a different way. For more information, please visit: