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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Context 1:

Nathan: Hey, Paul. What's up?

Paul: Nathan! I was about to call you.

Nathan: Really? What's going on?

Paul: I was wondering if you would like to make a donation to my basketball team... We need some money to buy new uniforms and...

Nathan: Paul, seriously! You already asked me this four times this week! I already made a donation!

Paul: I know! Thank you so much, but you know, if you make another $10.00 donation by the end of today, it would really help us!

Nathan: Paul, you have asked me so many times! I already made a donation and you keep asking for more... You are sopushy! Please stop!

Paul: OK... I understand! Well, in case you change your mind, please check our website.You can also make a donation at the front desk.

Nathan: WOW! I have to go! Don't call me!

Paul: Alright! Don't forget my team! We really need your help!

Context 2: 

Hi Bryan,

I am e-mailing you because I don't want to talk to you anymore.
Yesterday I reached my limit with you. I already told you we are just friends, but everytime we meet you insist on flirting and telling me how much you want us to be a couple!
I have made it very clear that I am not interested, but you don't seem to understand! 
I am tired of this! You are so pushy
Please don't contact me anymore... I wish you the best.


MEANING: A pushy person is someone who insists on something in order to have what he or she wants. A pushy person is aggressively persuasive.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hands down

Context 1: 

Title: Two friends

Bob:  Hey, Miriam! Did you try that Mexican restaurant I recommended?
Miriam: Hey! Yes, I did. I went there with my boyfriend… You know he is from Mexico, right?
Bob: Oh, that’s why you were asking about Mexican places! Did he like it?
Miriam: He did! He said that restaurant is hands down the best Mexican restaurant in L.A!
Bob: Really? Wow! I thought the food was good, but after hearing that, I know it is really the best one in town!
Miriam: Yes, thank you so much for the recommendation. Guess what happened during dinner?
Bob: I don’t know. What happened?
Miriam: My boyfriend proposed! He asked me to marry him!
Bob: That’s incredible! Congratulations… Did you say ‘yes’?
Miriam: Actually, I did not.
Bob: What? Wh… wha… What are you talking about?
Mriam: Bob, I met someone who is kind, smart, handsome, and every time I see him, my heart melts… He is hands down the best guy I have ever met… I fell in love with him!
Bob: Oh, really? Lucky guy… I fell in love with the nicest girl, but I know she just sees me as a friend.
Miriam: No, she doesn’t… She loves you, too…
Bob: Miriam, what are you talking about?
Miriam: I love you, Bob!
Bob: Miriam, you are hands down one of my best friends, but… I am in love with your sister.

Context 2: 

Title: Are you serious?

Janet:  Miriam just broke up with Mark.
Kristy: That’s too bad. They were hands down the coolest couple at work!
Janet: I know! I think I will ask him out on a date…
Kristy: Janet! Are you serious?

Hands down means: “without a doubt”