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Thursday, April 21, 2011

to be into

to be into (something/ someone)
Idiom: to be into; used as a verb

First Example: Eun Hye is into surfing.

Meaning: to be into means to enjoy something a lot. In this example, Eun Hye likes to surf. We often use "be into (something)" to talk about our likes and dislikes.

Here is another example:

Second Example: Brian has been dating his girlfriend for a year. I think he’s really into her.

Meaning: In this case, the meaning of "be into" is slightly different. Here, it means that Brian really likes his girlfriend, and he is serious about the relationship. You can use "be into" to talk about a person you would like to date, or a girlfriend or boyfriend. (Note: We usually don’t use this expression to talk about friendship, only about romantic feelings.)

This idiom is from LSI's book "Speaking Transitions," which is used in the Level 4 listening and speaking classes. For more information, please visit

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