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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Make Fun of Someone or Something

Please read the following paragraph and try to guess the idiom in bold:

Joseph has been secretly in love with his co-worker Julia for a long time. Last week Julia received an anonymous love letter. The letter was signed by “Your admirer”. She read it to everyone in the office and everyone made fun of the letter. There were a couple of sentences in the letter that everyone in the office repeated over and over again: “ You are like a cake to me. You look good, you make me happy, you make my heart beat faster, and you are sweet…”
Yesterday, Joseph sent an anonymous e-mail to the whole office saying: “Do not make fun of the person who wrote the love letter… He is in love! This is not a joke!”. He signed “ Me” and everyone replied to his e-mail: “Good job, Joseph!”. Joseph can’t understand how everyone knew he was the one who sent the e-mail and everyone in the office is now making fun of him!

What do you think the idiom means?

a. To make someone have fun
b.To laugh at and/or talk about someone or something in an unkind way
c. To write and read while baking a cake
d. To cry in a kind way

The answer is....

b. To laugh at and/or talk about someone or something in an unkind way. To ridicule someone or something.

This idiom was taken from Speaking Transitions, our level 4 Listening and Speaking LSI book!

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