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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Example 1:

Jenny: Oh, I’m having such a hard time losing weight because I love anything with chocolate in it! I could each chocolate all day long. I just can’t resist when someone offers me chocolate candy or cake.

Shelly: Wow, it sounds to me like you are a real chocolate junkie!

Jenny: Yes, I guess so. It’s really too bad because I have to lose weight before my sister’s wedding.

Shelly: Yes, I know what you mean. By the way, would you like a brownie? I made them last night and they are delicious!

Jenny: (sigh)

Example 2:

Jennifer is a student at UCLA and has to study a lot. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to get a lot of studying done since she opened a Facebook account. Now, all she wants to do is go on Facebook to update her status and see what all her friends are doing. She also takes at least two or three photos a day to add to her album on Facebook. When she is studying, her Facebook friends send her messages, and she just has to answer. She is really a Facebook junkie, and if she’s not careful, she won’t finish school!

Junkie noun
This noun was originally used to describe drug addicts, especially people addicted to heroin. However, it is now commonly used to describe a person who is extremely enthusiastic about something; therefore, someone who can't stop eating fast food would be a fast food junkie or someone who can’t stop watching TV would be a TV junkie.

This idiom was taken from LSI's textbook titled Reading Horizons. This book is used to teach Reading and Vocabulary in our Level 6 class. For more information please visit:

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