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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

to be crazy about something/someone

Example 1:

Sherman is really crazy about Star Wars. Every year, he attends the Star Wars convention dressed as Darth Vader. He collects all the action figures and toys he can find. Sherman even named his new puppy Princess Leia! I hope he can find a girls who is as crazy about Star Wars as he is!

Example 2:

I am crazy about Martin. He is so handsome, and he tells the best jokes! I can't stop thinking about him. Martin is the perfect guy for me!


to be crazy about something/someone
is an expression that many Americans use when they are talking about something/someone that they really, really, really like.

So, if you really, really like chocolate, you can say, "I am crazy about chocolate."
If you like baseball very much, you can say, "I am crazy about baseball."

What are you crazy about?

This idiom was taken from LSI's textbook titled Speaking Savvy. This book is used to teach Speaking and Listening in our Level 5 class. For more information, please visit:

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