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Thursday, July 7, 2011

To go for it

To Go for It
Example 1:

Jimmy: I would really like to get a job at Disneyland as one of the characters. I can sing and dance really well, and I think it would be a lot of fun!

Shelly: Wow! That sounds great! You should definitely go for it!

Jimmy: Yes, I know, but I’m a little nervous because so many people are applying for the open positions at Disneyland. I think the competition is really tough.

Shelly: Don’t worry! You are talented. Just have a lot of confidence when you go to the audition.

Jimmy: You’re right. I’m going to go for it! I’ll let you know how everything turns out.

Example 2:
Kent really likes Maria, who is in his morning English class. However, he is really shy and is afraid to ask her out on a date. All of Kent’s friends told him to go for it and ask her out, but he still doesn’t know what to do. If she talks to him first, then he might go for it and ask her out for lunch.


Go for it
It means to try or attempt something. In the first example, Jimmy is going to go for a job at Disneyland. In the second example, Ken is going to go for it and ask Maria out to lunch.

This idiom was taken from LSI's text book titled Speaking Savvy. This book is used to teach Listening and Speaking in our level 5 class. For more information please visit:

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