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Friday, January 27, 2012

To Tell a White Lie

White lie – noun; a lie that won’t hurt others. “White lie” is usually used with the verb “to tell.” A white lie is often told to a person who does not want to hear the truth or will be negatively effected by the truth.


Jane: Look at this dress! I love the way the orange stripes match my blue eyes, don’t you?

Eriko: Ah, sure. Orange and blue look lovely together.

Jane: I’m going to try it on. I’ll be right back.

Tom: Eriko, you really think that orange dress matches her blue eyes?

Eriko: No, but she really thinks so. It was just a little white lie. The truth might hurt her feelings.

Jane: I’m back! It feels fantastic! And it looks great! Tom, what do you guys think?

Tom: The stripes really highlight your figure!

Jane: Thanks, Tom. I’m going to buy it!

Jane leaves. Eriko turns to Tom.

Tom: You’re right, Eriko. A white lie isn’t so bad.

* From Speaking Savvy, which is used as the speaking/listening textbook for level 5…

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