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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

to be coming up

Example 1:
Ron: My birthday is coming up! Are you free this weekend? I'm having a party.

Scott: Really? When is your birthday?

Ron: It's tomorrow!

Example 2:
I'm really nervous! The BIG test is coming up and I don't think I'm ready. It's about 1 week away, so I have some time to study. Hopefully it's enough time to learn everything!

to be coming up is an expression used when an event will happen in the near future.

In example 1, Ron's birthday is coming up. Ron's birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow is in the near future.

In example 2, the big test is coming up. The big test is next week. Next week is in the near future.
This idiom was taken from the LSI textbook "Reading Connections" which is used at LSI schools to teach Level 3 Reading/Vocabulary. For more information, please visit

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