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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"to beat traffic"

Example 1:

Mary: Let's go to the Laker game this weekend!

Steve: Sounds like fun, but the traffic around Staples Center is such a nightmare... ugh!

Mary: How about if we leave early to beat traffic, and then have dinner downtown before the game?

Steve: Mary, that sounds great!

Example 2:

John: I got a really good job offer this week, but it's all the way across town...!

Mark: Oh, you don't want to drive during rush hour...

John: No way! But the pay is great and the benefits are really good.

Mark: Hmm. My cousin works on the other side of town and she leaves at 6:00 in the morning to beat traffic.

John: She's smart! Maybe I can ask the boss for a flexible schedule and start work earlier to beat the traffic too.

Meaning: to drive somewhere before there is a lot of traffic

Usage notes: We say "to beat traffic" or "to beat the traffic."

The idiom "to beat traffic" was taken from Unit 7 (Making it Work) in LSI's textbook Reading Transitions for Level 4 Reading/Vocabulary classes.

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