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Thursday, May 17, 2012

to be on the same page

Idiom: to be on the same page: used as an expression
First example: Tracy and Derek own a clothing company.  They have to make a lot of important decisions every day.  They talk to each other about each decision that they make. Most of the time, they agree with one another.  If they are not on the same page about a decision, they continue to talk about it until they both agree.
Meaning: “To be on the same pagemeans “to agree with.”  When two people are on the same page, they agree with each other.  In this case, Tracy and Derek have to work together to make their company successful.  Usually, they are on the same page with the decisions they make.  However, sometimes they disagree with each other.  In these situations, they keeping discussing the issue until they both support the same idea.

Here is another example:
Second example:
Tammy: Matt, did you talk to Lisa about the ski trip next month?
Matt:  I did.  She wants us to drive everyone because we have the biggest cars.
Tammy: Yeah, that’s ok, but she doesn’t want to pay us for the gas.  She expects us to pay for all the gas for the entire trip.
Matt:  That’s not fair!  I’ll bet gas will cost us at least $100 for the trip.
Tammy: I know!  I told Lisa that I won’t drive unless everyone gives me $15 for gas.  She got really mad at me.
Matt:  I’ll talk to her.  You and I are on the same page about the gas money.  If we both refuse to pay for the gas, she’ll have to pay us… or find someone else to drive.
Tammy:  Thanks, Matt.  I’m glad we agree with each other on this.
Meaning: In this situation, a ski trip is being planned.  Lisa wants Tammy and Matt to drive and pay for all the gas.  Both Tammy and Matt feel that this is not fair.  Because they are on the same page about the issue, Lisa will probably have to change her mind and pay them some money for gas.

This idiom is from LSI's
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