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Thursday, August 16, 2012

"to get to know"

Example 1:

Mari (teacher):
Hi Lisa, so how are things with your roommate?

Lisa: A little better-- I chat with her sometimes now.

Mari: That's good news! It sounds like you're getting to know her.

Lisa: Getting to know her?

Mari: Yes, that means you are learning about her a little bit.

Lisa: Ah, yes! And she is getting to know me too!

Example 2:

John: So Amy, do you want to go out this weekend?

Amy: Sure, I'd love to. Where would you like to go?


John: Well, I'm thinking about the Arts Districts downtown. I'd like to get to know that area more. I just discovered it!

Amy: Cool! I heard there's a lot of artist studios and galleries to visit.

John: Exactly! And some nice restaurants too!

Meaning: to become familiar with

In Example 1, Lisa is learning about her roommate, so she is getting to know her.

In Example 2, John and Amy want to become familiar with an area of Los Angeles that is new for them, so they want to get to know it better.

Usage notes:
We get to know someone or something. We use "getting to know" after the "be" verb.

The idiom "to get to know" was taken from Unit 4 (Age & Expectations) in LSI's textbook Reading Transitions for Level 4 Reading/Vocabulary classes.

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