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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Bad

Idiom: "My Bad"
Context #1:
Tom (passenger): Oh man look!  We got a parking ticket!  How much is it for?
Steve (owner of the car): I have to pay $55.
Tom: Do you want me to help you pay the ticket?
Steve: You don't need to.  It's my bad.  I knew I should have put some money in the parking meter.
Context #2:
Sally: I heard you broke up with your boyfriend.
Jane: Yeah, actually, he kind of broke up with me.
Sally:  Really?  What happened?
Jane:  Well, I think it was my bad.  I just kept nagging him too much about every little thing. 
Meaning: "my bad" is a very common idiom in American English, especially among young people.  It basically means, "it was my fault."  American young people use this expression when they take responsibility for something that went wrong.  Everyday expressions like this are taught in the Speaking/Listening classes at Language Systems International.  For more information please visit:

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