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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Bend Over Backwards

Example #1:

Joe: Wow! That was a great party at Sandy’s house. She really bent over backwards to make everyone feel right t home.
Steve: I know, she was so nice and talked to all the guests.
Joe: I’ll definitely go again if she has another party.

Example #2:

Sally: I can’t believe they have 10 kids, five boys and five girls!
Julie: I know and they really bend over backwards to treat each of their children equally.
Sally: That’s hard to do with so many children.
Julie: Yes, but I think they are doing it.

Meaning: "to bend over backwards" is a very commonly used idiom in American English. It means to make a special effort, especially in order to please someone. In the first example, Sandy bent over backwards to please her guests so that they would have fun. In the second example, the parents bend over backwards to treat each child in their family equally. Our students learn practical idioms like this in our Speaking and Listening classes at LSI. For more information, please visit

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