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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Finer Points

Idiom: "the finer points”

Meaning: the more complex or detailed aspects of; minutiae, particulars, specifics, technicalities

Example #1:

Jan: I had no idea that Carl’s work was so challenging. I only heard that he was an engineer. Then, yesterday we met for lunch and he discussed the finer points of his work. He has so much to do!

Steve: I know. When he explained the finer points of his job to me last month, I was amazed that he is able to get anything done.  

Jan: On top of that, he does his job so well.

Steve: You’re right.


Example #2:
Selena: Do you want to go to this “Seminar for Singles" tonight?

Jackie: This is the first I have heard of it. What will be discussed in the seminar?

Selena: They are going to review the finer points of dating, like what to say, how to dress, and what perfume to wear on the first date.

Jackie: That sounds great! I really need it considering that my last date was an absolute disaster.

Selena: Well, then I guess going over the finer points of dating might help. Let’s go together!

Jackie: OK. I’ll see you later!

Meaning: "The finer points” means a more complex or detailed part of a subject. Synonyms include specifics or details. In the first example, the speakers know that Carl is an engineer; however, they didn’t realize all the details of his job until Carl explained the finer points of his job. In the second example, The two women are going to attend a seminar (or small one-day class) in which the teacher will explain the finer points of dating to single people. This idiom can be found in the 2nd edition of Reading Horizons. This book is used at LSI schools in the level 6 Reading/Vocabulary classes. For more information, please visit:

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