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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To Let Something Go

Idiom: To let (something) go
Context #1:
Chris: Last night we lost the Championship basketball game. I can't believe it!
Joe: Yeah it was a tough loss, but you have to let it go and think about next season.
Chris: You're right. I shouldn't keep thinking about it.
Context #2:
Sally: Did I tell you that my boyfriend cheated on me last weekend? I have been trying to forgive him but I can't!
Carissa: It must be hard. If you can't let this go you might have to just end the relationship.
Sally: Yeah, if I can't forgive him it is going to be really hard to continue in this relationship. 
Meaning: To let something go means to stop thinking about something negative. When you learn to stop letting something bother you or make you sad, angry, or feel negatively, then you learn to let that thing go.  Idioms like this are learned and practiced by students at Language Systems International in the Speaking and Conversation classes. For more information please go to:

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