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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sooner The Better

Idiom: "The Sooner The Better"

Context #1:
Tom: Can you believe Christmas is only a few weeks away?
Jim: I know! It's crazy! Have you done all your Christmas shopping?
Tom: Not yet, but I'm going to do most of it this weekend.
Jim: The sooner the better... you know how crazy it gets the longer you wait.

Context #2:
Jill: You know, my tooth is really hurting.
Tony: You should go see a dentist.
Jill: But I hate going to the dentist.
Tony: I know. But the sooner the better because what if it is something serious. You'd better not wait.

Meaning: "The Sooner The Better" is a common American expression that is used in a situation where someone should do something as soon as possible instead of waiting or procrastinating. Usually this is used when there is a sense of urgency. Idioms like this are taught at LSI in out Speaking and Conversation classes. For more information please visit

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