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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weird Out

Idiom: "Weird Out"

Meaning: To make someone feel very uncomfortable or uneasy.

Example #1:

Jan: Oh, no! It's October and that means it's almost time for Halloween!

Steve: That's a good thing, right? I mean, all the parties and candy make Halloween the best holiday of the year!

Jan: No way! All those scary costumes weird me out. 

Steve: That's one of the best things about Halloween, dressing up in scary costumes to weird out your family and friends.

Jan: Why would you want to weird anyone out? That's just strange.

Steve: Don't worry! It's all just for fun.

Jan: Well, I guess so.


Example #2:
Selena: Jackie, don't talk like that! It really weirds me out!

Jackie: I can't help it! I'm just recovering from the flu.

Selena: Well, then don't talk. You sound like a demon.

Jackie: O come on! It's not that bad.

Selena: Yes it is. How does Bobby feel about it? It must weird him out. Poor guy!

Jackie: Hey! You could be a little more supportive!

Selena: OK, sorry. Do you know sign language?

Meaning: To weird someone out means to make someone feel really uncomfortable. In the first example, Jan doesn't like Halloween because the scary costumes really weird her out. In the second example, Jackie's voice sounds strange because she just recovered from the flu, so her voice really weirds out Selena.  This idiom is especially useful around Halloween! For more information, please

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