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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Context #1

Tod: Hey, have you seen Kim lately? She hasn't come to class for like a week.
Joe: Yeah I know. She's MIA. I tried calling her a couple of days ago but I couldn't get a hold of her.
Tod: I hope she's alright.

Context #2

Kelly: Hey Christine! Long time no see! How have you been? I haven't seen you at the gym for a while.
Christine: Yeah, I was MIA for a while. I went back to New York to spend Christmas with my family. I just got back a few days ago.
Kelly: I see. I heard it was freezing in New York.
Christine: Yeah, I'm happy to be back in warm sunny California.

Meaning: "to be MIA" means to be "missing in action." You can use this idiom when someone "disappears" and you don't see them for a long time. Practical idioms like this are taught in the Speaking and Conversation classes at LSI. For more information please visit 

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