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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Idiom:  Layover; used as a noun.


“We had a three-hour Layover in Korea during our airplane trip from Los Angeles to Bangkok in Thailand.  As a result, my total travel time from Los Angeles to Bangkok was over 18 hours long!  That’s what happens when I buy cheap airplane tickets!”

Meaning:  Layover refers to the stop in one or more cities that one makes when traveling by airplane.  In this example, the speaker had a 3-hour stop in Korea during his flight to Bangkok.  As a result, the overall travel time included both his flight time along with the time he had to wait while changing planes in Korea.  This idiom can be used to describe an air travel situation that has 1 or more scheduled (or unscheduled) stops in their itinerary.

This idiom is from the book "The Slangman – Guide to Street Speak 1," which is used as supplementary Idioms material in LSI’s Intermediate Conversation classes.

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