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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To Get Worked Up

Idiom: “to get worked up”

Meaning: To become worried or angry about something; to build up feelings of anticipation or anxiety about a situation, causing stress or strong emotions.

Example #1:

Superman: The day is so short and I can’t rescue everyone.

Louis: Don’t get so worked up about it.  You’re only one superhero.

Superman: I know, but everyone expects me to be super and to protect the world.

Louis:  That’s not a reason to become so upset.  It’s too much pressure for one person.

Example #2:  
Leslie:  My favorite basketball team is losing the game.

Hanna: You’re getting worked up just talking about it.  Maybe you shouldn’t take sports so seriously.

Leslie:  I grew up watching the team with my dad.   We never miss a game.  We were so excited that they made it to the championship match this year. 

Hanna:  I understand, but it seems you’re really angry just thinking about the score.  Remember, it’s just a game.

Leslie: You’re right.

Meaning: “To get worked up” means to become worried or upset about something. In example 1, Superman is so worked up about not being able to save anyone that he forgets he is just one superhero.  In example 2, Leslie is worked up about her team losing and forgets about enjoying sports.

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