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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jump on the bandwagon

Idiom: "jump on the bandwagon"

Example #1:
Carlos: Did you watch the Kings game last night?
Tommy: I thought you didn't watch hockey.
Carlos: Well, I didn't before. But now that they're winning, so it's fun to watch.
Tommy: Oh, so you just jumped on the bandwagon. You're not really a fan.
Carlos: What do you mean?
Tommy: You didn't follow them all season. You just watch them now because they're winning. You just jumped on the bandwagon.
Carlos: Wow! You're so critical.

Example #2:
Kyle: I hate this football season.
Crystal: Why?
Kyle: The stadium was much more comfortable and empty before everyone jumped on the bandwagon.
Crystal: But it's good for the team. Also, the stadium can make some money. They need to fix it anyway.
Kyle: It doesn't matter. I don't like people who do something just because it's popular and not because they actually care.

Meaning: join a popular trend or activity.

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