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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

To Be or Get Fired Up

Idiom: to be or get fired up.
Nikki: Oh my goodness! That game was so exciting! In the end, there was a penalty shootout between the teams, but we 
won 3 - 2.

Ned: I know! I saw the game on TV!  Everyone is really fired up about the World Cup now that it is getting toward the end.

Nikki: I know! I hope we make it to the finals. That would be amazing!
Ned: Well, the team is certainly good enough!
Bob: What’s wrong? You look really sad.

Ken: Well, I’m not sad, but I’m a little frustrated with my roommates. I absolutely LOVE soccer and I am so fired up about the World Cup. I have been trying to have some parties at our house whenever there is a big game and I just want a little support from my roommates.

Bob: OK. So what exactly is the problem?

Ken: My two roommates don’t care at all. They don’t get fired up about anything. They just sleep all day, don’t help me at all, and loudly complain about how boring soccer is during the big games. They don’t even know anything about the games or the teams!

Bob: Well, I agree that they should not complain about it being boring, but you really cannot expect them to be fired up about a sport they are not interested in.

Ken: I guess you are right. But at least they could be a little more supportive.

Meaning: To be or get fired up means to be excited or enthusiastic about something. In the first example, Nikki is fired up about her team at the World Cup. In the second example, Ken is upset that his roommates are not fired up about the World Cup. 

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