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Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the bag

Idiom: In the bag

Context #1 – Two students are talking about the test tomorrow in class.
Jason:  I stayed up all night studying for this test and I still don’t feel ready!
Celina: Really? I studied with my friends last night and I am not worried at all about this test. It’s in the bag.
Jason: I don’t know how you do it, Celina.
Celina: Well, I think it helps to study with a group of friends because then you can learn from each other. Why don’t you study with us before next week’s test?
Jason: I think I will. Hopefully, I’ll have next week’s test in the bag!

 Context #2 – Two people are talking about a recent job interview
Jose: Hello, Theo. Why do you look so nervous?
Theo: Well, I just finished a job interview for a position that I have wanted for a long time. The pay is better and I can work flexible hours.
Jose: OK. Then why are you so nervous? It sounds like everything is good.
Theo: When I initially applied, I was such a good match for the position, I felt that I had the job in the bag. But after the job interview, I’m not so sure. They asked a lot of difficult questions and I don’t know if I answered everything completely.
Jose: Don’t worry so much about things, Theo! I’m sure you have the job in the bag. Just be patient.

Meaning: To have something in the bag means to be certain or extremely likely to occur or to be assured about the success of something. In context 1, one student feels she has the test in the bag, which means she knows she will get a good grade. In context 2, Theo doesn't think he will get the job because he didn't perform well in the interview. Therefore, he doesn't have the job in the bag.                      @LSISB @LSIOC @LSINE @LSILA

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