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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Retail Therapy

Idiom: Retail Therapy

Example 1:
Cora: Frances just broke up with her boyfriend. We need to plan something to help cheer her up. Do you have any ideas?
Julie: I have the perfect idea! She loves shopping, so I think some retail therapy will definitely help her feel better!
Cora: Great idea! Let's pick her up and go to the mall.

Example 2:
With the stress of the holidays and the cold winter weather, it's easy for people to begin to feel depressed. That's why shopping is so popular this time of year! We love to buy gifts for our loved ones, but a little retail therapy really helps some people feel better! 

Meaning: "Retail therapy" is an expression that's used to describe shopping as a treatment for sadness.  @SBLA @OC @NELA @DTLA

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