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Thursday, February 19, 2015

To imbue with

Idiom: To imbue with

Example #1:
Saul: What should we teach during summer camp this year?
Jay: I’m not sure, but remember last year’s camp? Our teachers really imbued us with a positive attitude.
Saul: That’s because we had a mature leadership crew last year.
Jay: I’m sure they imbued us with good values so we could have a positive influence on new camp members.

Example #2:
Leslie: Our mother really imbued us with good values, don’t you think?
Michael: She sure did.
Leslie: She really made an effort to influence us in a good way.
Michael: That’s why mom is the best.
Meaning: The expression "imbued with" means to influence or inspire someone to be filled with a feeling/custom. 
In the first example above, Leslie mentions that her mom "imbued her" with good values. That means her mother taught her how to be a good person.

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