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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Put Someone Up

Idiom: Put someone up

Example 1:

Vanessa: So what are your plans for the summer break? We have three months before school starts again!

Brad: Well, I’m going to visit my friends in London.

Vanessa: Wow! That sounds like fun! But isn’t London expensive?

Brad: Yes, it is, but I’m really lucky. My friend who lives there is putting me up for the summer, so I don’t need to pay for a hotel.

Vanessa: You are lucky! I wish I had friends like that!

Example 2:

Sami: I’m in big trouble. My roommate has asked me to leave by this weekend and I have no place to live!

Petra: Oh, Sami. I’m so sorry to hear that. I would put you up for a short time, but there is no room at my house.

Sami: Really? Not even on the sofa?

Petra: That is where I sleep! We are already in trouble for having too many people living in the apartment.

Sami: I see. Do you think Jennifer could put me up for a while? Just until I find another apartment.

Petra: Maybe. She does have an extra room that she uses as an office. Why don’t we give her a call?

Sami: Great idea. Thank you for helping!

Meaning: To provide a place for someone or something to stay temporarily.

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