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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Party's Over

Idiom: Party’s over

Example 1:

Bruce: This has been an excellent vacation.

Clark: So true, but it’s sad to say this party’s over.

Bruce: I know. I wish vacation was longer. It always feels like vacation time flies.

Clark: Yeah, I agree. We have to make a living though.

Example 2:

Luther: Did you hear about the producers being arrested?

Barry: No, what happened?

Luther: They got caught stealing money from clients and projects. They’re in big trouble and now they’re being questioned about all the funds that are missing.

Barry: I guess their party’s over. No more big parties and trips on client money. Will they go to jail?

Luther: With enough evidence, yes.

Meaning:  The party’s over means something fun, happy and pleasant must come to an end.  For example, having a long paid vacation is fortunate, but one still must return to work; we can’t have vacation forever.

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